Hello Photographers!

I know when the wedding season gets rolling it can be an overwhelming blessing. Fear not, I’m here to help take a load off your shoulders. Send your raw photos to me and I’ll edit them to your specifications and style.

I am a Lightroom and Photoshop guru. If you are a Mastin preset user, trying to achieve that light and airy film look, I may just be the perfect fit for you!

When you work with me, you get the personal touch. We will develop a real relationship where you get the one on one experience. We will talk through your expectations, as well as how the whole process works so you feel 100% comfortable!

Why outsource?

I understand how hard it can be to hand over your editing needs to someone else because your work is important to you, which is why I take this job very seriously. Instead of spending all your days indoors editing, you’ll have more time to market your business, take creative photos, connect with your brides, and most important of all, you’ll have time for yourself and your family once again!


"I am a control freak. I knew for years that I needed to outsource editing, but I was a coward thinking that only *I* had the power to make my images my own. After a brutal busy season that left my eyes strained and my soul bitter, I reluctantly loosened the reins and started working with Sabrina. Admittedly, I started working with her during my slow season - thinking that it would take several weeks and a million email exchanges for her to understand and replicate "my" look. But it didn't. From the very beginning it felt like an enormous weight was lifted off of my shoulders. Sabrina is patient, kind, a wonderful listener and a fantastic editor. She is exactly the person I needed for my team."  - Kirstie