It started back in high school when I was given my grandfather’s old film camera.

In the darkroom, excitement washed over me as I held onto my first roll of film. I prepared the film for exposure, dropped the paper into the developer, and waited to see the invisible world I had photographed come to life. The scenic mountains and imperfect portraits slowly appeared through the chemicals. It was then that I felt the magic of freezing time in a photo.

And just like that I was hooked.

Though as the years went by, I put my camera away while I pursued a degree in Business. Eventually, this landed me a job in corporate America, where I dreamed of running my own business from behind a cubicle. One day, my boss presented me with a life-changing opportunity to photograph New York City real estate. I jumped at the chance. I grabbed the camera and photographed luxury lofts and old brownstones with endless character up and down Manhattan.

I channeled all my energy into photography once again. I bought a new DSLR camera, enrolled in classes after work, and started shooting portraits of friends and family. As referrals flowed in, my confidence grew, however this time I knew I had to follow my heart.

That year, I took the leap and started Sabrina Louise Photography.

"Sometimes you never know the value of a moment, until it becomes a memory"

- Dr. Seuss

I'm a fearless 30 something year old woman who embraces life while enjoying adventures along the way. I live in Denver with my adorable pup Guido the French Bulldog, but I love the opportunity to travel especially to warm places with palm trees. Experiences like hang gliding in Switzerland to a relaxing stroll through the wineries of Tuscany fuel my soul. My inspiration comes from reading books, practicing yoga in the park, and exploring magical places. Family is a priority and I live for my mom's home cooking!

I invite you to join me on a journey where we connect through the lens to find that “a-ha” moment where you’ll flirt, laugh, twirl and most importantly sparkle. I will create an authentic photo session for YOU! Whether you want to be adventurous - to get to that special place or bring along your pet friend or even plan a Pinterest inspired session;

I’m here to make your vision come true.

Through this experience we will become friends so let’s meet for a cup of coffee (or a glass of wine) to chat about your love story or embarking on the next chapter of your life! I can’t wait to meet you!


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